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Swallows at Urquhart Castle on the Shore of Loch Ness

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Written by Helmut Watterott

This quick clip of the swallows (or swift or house martins) were filmed under the roof of the first flooer of the Grant Tower at Urquhart Castle.

We are no woldlife experts and identified these guys as swallows. If you believe they might be house martins please let us know. They were very active feeding their young in the nests. Luckily for them the midgies and other bugs were abundent and the ‘swallows’ were diving and manouvering very aerobatically over the terrein and through the crowds at Urquhart castle.


We offer day tours to the shores of Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle, a very important and old castle ruin. This castle dates back as far as 500AD and has recorded history until the wars of independence and the Jacobites. It is historically important and for those who care a little less about the history you will find the views and the ruins just beautiful.