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This is What You Look Like When You Have Whisky at Loch Lomon

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Written by Helmut Watterott

I had a great time with a group of Flemish tourists from the cruse ship (Greenock port). Speaking Afrikaans (as I can’t speak Flemish) after 16 years was great. I am also very glad they liked every whisky they got 🙂

We first visited Stirling castle from which we went to have a tour of the Deanston Distillery in Doune (passing Doune Castle, the filming location for Outlander Castle Leoch and the castle scene in Monty Python the Holy Grail). From there we went the sceninc route over Crianlarich, ate at the Drovers Inn (pub unchanged since 1705 and famously frequented by Rob Roy). Our last stop was Inveruglas for the best view over Loch Lomond enjoying some ‘uisge beatha’, the water of life or Scotch Whisky for the noobs!