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Ghostly Encounter on our Outlander Tour!

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Written by Catriona Stevenson

Our Outlander Tours are proving a big hit, and as fans ourselves, we get a huge buzz from taking our guests to all the various Outlander filming locations. However it was one such visit last week which sent a chill up our spine at none other than Blackness Castle AKA Fort William and Wentworth Prison. How ironic eh?

As myself and my lovely lady guest made our way up the central tower aptly named the “Prison tower”, we heard obvious footsteps from the floor level above……no one was there!! Please watch my wee video below which details this a bit more 🙂

Needless to say, in future, I will have the camera ready to document any future paranormal activity there and will be visiting with more than just myself for company 🙂

The castle is an absolutely worthwhile visit but make sure you visit with someone else in tow (unless you like that sort of thing)!!!