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10 Reasons to Visit Scotland

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Written by Catriona Stevenson

Why should you visit Scotland? Read the list below and if you would like to add to it let us know 🙂

1. Diversity:

Despite Scotland’s size, the landscape differs greatly giving you the opportunity to visit beautiful sights without it being too samey. With its size, you can visit these different landscapes, usually within a couple of hours of each other.

2. Edinburgh:

On any bucket list for a European City Break, Edinburgh should be up there. Scotland’s capital city is littered with places to see and things to do and with attractions such as Edinburgh Castle you are bound to have plenty to do. In addition, with the sheer amount of historic listed buildings in the city you are bound to have a truly cultured experience and leisurely walking around the city can be just as enjoyable.

3. Photography:

Scotland is a photographer’s paradise with plenty to photograph whether it be industrial, wildlife or scenic landscape photography that interests you. The light in the country is superb and no photograph will be the same as a result.

4. The People:

The friendly locals are world renowned.

5. Island Hopping:

Looking for a peaceful and beautiful retreat? The many islands off the Scottish Coastline are the perfect retreat. Many have white sandy beaches, picturesque hills and friendly locals.

6. Whisky:

The Water of Life aka Scotch is made in Scotland. Learn about the roots of the country’s national drink and of course taste a couple of barrels too:-)

7. Active Vacations:

With mountains and rolling hills, lochs and seas, caves and cliffs, Scotland is a wonderful place for those who like active holidays and caters to those who like gentle activities all the way up to adrenaline junkies.

8. Music:

Glasgow is a UNESCO World Heritage site for music and it is no wonder with the many bands who have started their careers here. Nearly every pub or bar has a live band night and you will usually find something to your suit your musical taste whether that be Jazz or Heavy Metal. Scotland is a celtic country and as such has fantastic celtic music you can dance and tap your toes to too.

9. Bagpipes: Yes they have their own number in the list just to prove how awesome they are. Used for dance, ceremony and war, what other instrument can beat that…apart from the drum (mind the pun) and the pipes and drums make a great combination that will make your hair stand on end.

10. Highland Games:

Experience the spirit of a Highland Games in Scotland where competitors come from all over the world to test their athletic and strength abilities. Games are held all over the country and usually include pipe bands and who could forget the “caber toss”.