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10 Reasons to Make Scotland Your New Year’s Resolution

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Written by Catriona Stevenson

Happy New Year 2016! All the gang at Slainte Scotland hope that you have a wonderful year of love, health and prosperity and if you are looking at making some New Year’s Resolutions, here are 10 reasons why I believe Scotland should be on your list. Now I have left a few points out here as there are just so many. The reasons below are my personal favourites. However keep your eyes peeled for similar articles about great reasons and places to visit. 

1. Cracking Scenery

Did you get a new camera from Santa or take a keen interest in photography? Scotland is a photographers dream, thanks to our rugged scenery and friendly wildlife, you will have the opportunity to capture images that will be the envy of your peers.

Glencoe never fails to provide an atmospheric shot

Scotland’s most photographed castle – Eilean Donan Castle

Just Wow..the Rest and Be Thankful stop in Argyll

2. Scottish Ancestry

Do you have Scots blood and heritage? Well why not visit the land of your ancestors…stop saying you are going to do it, just do it. Whether you research your family history before you travel or while you are here, you are bound to have a wonderful experience tracing the footsteps of your Scottish family. Were they villains, clan warriors or royalty? Come here and find out.

A Ramsay on Ramsay Lane (P.S it is me)

3. Scotland “CAN” suit your budget

A common misconception is that Scotland is going to be too expensive to visit. Sure, it will require a budget but with clever planning you CAN save a lot of money. Check out hostels, bed and breakfasts, sightseeing passes etc. You will save a fortune. We started a Facebook group too called “Solo Travellers to Scotland” too which has a wealth of money saving tips and a chance for like minded individuals to meet and share the costs of some of the travel.

A great money savings tip is book a group tour opposed to a private tour, its a great way to meet friends too..Slainte

4. Outlander

Scotland is currently experiencing the Outlander affect and as such there is a lot going on for Outlander fans such as specialised tours, events and offers. Not to mention the fact that you will be visiting the awesome country which inspired the books and looks so wonderful in the subsequent TV series.

Midhope Castle was Lallybroch in the Outlander series, you can see it too if you visit 🙂

5 Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital city is the 2nd most visited tourist destination in the UK and it should be on anyone’s bucket list. There are the iconic places to see such as Edinburgh Castle and Calton Hill whilst taking in the unique ambiance and architecture that Edinburgh exerts in bucket loads. During the yearly Edinburgh Fringe and Tattoo festival events is a great time to visit the city (unless you don’t like crowds) and you can see why these events are so popular.

Edinburgh Castle is a must on any trip to Scotland

6. Glasgow

Scotland’s biggest city Glasgow is very proud of its motto “People Make Glasgow”. And Glasgow’s people culture make it a very interesting and a “happening” place to visit. Most of the museums are free and they are full of artefacts that are the envy of the world, Glasgow after all was the 2nd city of the British Empire. The architecture is superb and it is a wonderful place to relax, shop and see bands (both signed and unsigned) at various venues across the city.

Inside Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery

7 Walking / Hiking

To be honest this entry should have its own list but we could not leave it out here. Scotland is a walker and hiker’s paradise with trails and walks to suit all abilities. The one thing that you are guaranteed is exceptional views and a sense that you are away from the world (even if you are a few miles out of town). The flora and fauna that you may meet on the way make it that extra bit special too. One of the walks that should be on any bucket list is the West Highland Way. Only one word of caution when walking in Scotland (apart from the usual safety messages) is to be prepared to tackle the midges. I would suggest walking just out of the summer season to best avoid these pesky critters or get a midge net.

Taken from one of my favourite walks (not hikes) at the Greenock Cut

8 Scottish Islands

Scotland has over 790 islands and you will be spoiled for choice. Clearly not all are inhabited by people but many have unique bird populations. Each island has its own unique appeal so if you like whisky, visit Islay and Jura and if you like ancient history, then there is the Orkney islands and so on. A very popular pursuit is to have a base on the mainland and “island hop”. The Clyde islands are very accessible and can be achieved in a couple of days from the Glasgow area and then there are the islands of Mull and Iona (and Staffa) which can be reached from Oban.

“The sleeping warrior” – Island of Arran in the sunset

9 Loch Ness

Steeped in legends of monsters which are known the world over is the mystical Loch Ness. Thanks to it being so very dark and deep, it has allowed the myths to prevail throughout the ages. There are loch cruises which will allow you to see if you can make history by catching a glimpse of the monster and see historical sights such as Urquhart Castle which make it a very valuable trip. Loch Ness is located in the Scottish Highlands and you can see a number of historical and scenic sights such as Inverness and Culloden if you plan to make it a base for a few days.

The eerie Loch Ness taken from the wee beach at Urquhart Castle

10 Invention / Innovation

Whether your interests are in Engineering both industrial and civil, medicine or geology. You will be spoiled for choice here. Scotland has produced pioneers in all these fields and whether they invented the field or innovated a concept, Scotland has made its mark. You can see a wealth of attractions such as the Forth Rail Bridge (now a Unesco World Heritage Site) and The Falkirk Wheel among the many museums littered across the country. If Geology is your thing, come to the land of its birth where you can see how this land was born.

The Forth Rail Bridge – A Unesco World Heritage Site

If you would like to Scotland and would like a tour, whether group or private, please do get in touch.

Isle of Skye Tour

3 nights / 4 days tour of Skye and the Scottish Highlands

Escape the city and join us on this magical tour to the land of the faeries, passing through some of the most majestic scenery in the whole of Scotland.

Isle of Skye Tour

Escape the city and join us on this magical tour to the land of the faeries, passing through some of the most majestic scenery in the whole of Scotland.