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Why We Love Auchentoshan Whisky Distillery

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Written by Catriona Stevenson

Needless to say, with a name like Sláinte, we love bringing our groups to whisky distilleries around Scotland. One of our absolute favourite places to visit has to be the Auchentoshan Distillery.

Now many people tend to raise one eyebrow at this suggestion for the fact that it is not a distillery located in the highlands, islands or Spey region of Scotland and is only a mere 30 minutes from Glasgow. If you have this opinion I would like to give you a few reasons why Auchentoshan is one of the best in the country, with all of their expressions proving a hit with our guests (and us too).

  • Auchentoshan is one of only a few lowland distilleries and it has an interesting history which not only includes its adversity to the taxman of the 19th century but also the fact that it witnessed one of the worst 2 days in the area’s history – the Clydebank Blitz..
  • It uses water from one of the most beautiful Lochs in the country – Loch Katrine which helps to produce the delicate flavours that can only come from its soft water. Loch Katrine also supplies Glasgow with its fresh, watery goodness.
  • Auchentoshan distill their whisky in a fairly unique way….it is triple distilled and comes from the distillery’s links to Ireland – Irish whiskey tends to be triple distilled and the founders of Auchentoshan were Irish. Mind Blown *snort*
  • There are Highland Cows (Heelan Coos) on the distillery fields and they are magnificent looking beasts. How more Scottish cliché could you get? The name Auchentoshan is actually Scots Gaelic for “Corner of the Field” (what a wonderful imagination them Gaels had…I jest), so it is a pretty rural setting close to the city..
  • And last but not least, the distillery and visitor centre offer one of the best whisky tours and experiences in the country. They are informative, fun, professional and very knowledgeable….oh and the whisky is awesome!

If you would like further information about Auchentoshan, have a look at their website and in our opinion, the best way to discover a distillery is to taste it…ahem I mean visit it 😉

Auchentoshan we love you!!!!

You can visit Auchentoshan with us:

On any private day tour from Glasgow or Edinburgh
On our Stirling Castle and Loch Lomond Tour
As part of a Whisky Tour


You'll usually find Neil at the bar of @theauchentoshan thanks for a great tour again 😀 #scotland #scotch #whiskylovers #scotspirit

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Dear @theauchentoshan , this is arguably the best #singlecask we have tasted. #scotland #whisky #scotchwhisky #singlemalt #lowlandwhisky

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#islaywhisky tour started with a stop at @auchentoshan. One of our favourite #lowlandwhisky #scotland #whisky #scotchwhisky

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