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Pics From 2016 Scottish Tours

Scotland in Pictures & Videos

Written by Helmut Watterott

Photos of Scotland tours 2016

These photos were taken while out on tour this year in Scotland. We are lucky enough to go all over Scotland from the Islands to the Whisky Distilleries. Please Take the next 14 minutes to enjoy some of the beautiful picture of Scotland.

Scotland is a beautiful country. As Scottish Tour Guides we are lucky enough to make this beautiful country our office. Scotland lends itself for photos. Every inch of it is photogenic. Armed usually with just our mobile phone the pictures of Scotland in the video were taken while out on tours.

We do a lot of Outlander filming location toursScotch Whisky tours and private tours in Scotland. We also do a lot of work with the cruise ships that dock in Scotland giving their guests shore excursion. Some of these go to the well trodden Scottish tourists destinations like Stirling Castle and Loch Lomond, but we also manage to persuade some to take a lovely 8 mile walk on the Cut behind Greenock.

We hope you enjoy the photos!