We at Slàinte can't wait to guide you around Scotland

Choose a Gift Card or a Deposit to hold a tour of Scotland

Supporting small businesses in the current situation is more important now than ever!

We understand there is a lot of growing uncertainty going around just now – we still want to offer our customer’s future bookings and give you something to look forward to, without you having to commit fully. Paying a small deposit for a future tour or purchasing a gift card are both great ways to support us while also treating yourself or others!

We are offering full flexibility on tours during this time, and there are no charges for changing dates and our Gift Cards are redeemable for up to 2 years!

Are you or someone else travelling to Scotland in the future?

Show your support by purchasing a Gift Card to use on your future visit to Scotland. Gift cards also are a great way to cheer a special family member up with that they can use when they visit. With one of our cards, you will be able to join a tour with an experienced, friendly, personable small company who have loyal customers coming back year on year!

Gift cards can be used against any of our group tours, our larger 5-night/7-night tours or just one of the one-day tours that we offer. If that was not all, one of the great added benefits is that you do not have to commit until you know your dates. We will happily help you along with the process and are on hand to assist with any questions.

Want to purchase a gift card for a tour of a lifetime? Click on the gift card image and buy now!

Thinking of booking a Private Scotland Tour for 2020/2021?

Have a tour in mind? Maybe for later on in the year or even next year? Email us at – [email protected], and we can assist with securing your dates with just a small deposit.

Is your tour and travel disrupted by CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)?

Please be advised if any of our customers are booked within the next couple of months, and you are worried about your booking, let us reassure you….you will not lose your money! We are rescheduling dates and offering a full 100% credit for your bookings. We, like many others in the Tourism industry, understand the uncertainty and with travel restrictions in place, the frustrations and worry that you will feel right now. We are here to assist and will do our best, that is why we are not only offering the 100% credit but also extending this to cover 24 months! 

We cannot say how long this will last, and we can only follow advice from our Government and the World Health Organisation, but we will be operating as normal as soon as we are safely allowed to do so.

If you have a booking with us and are unsure, please contact us, and we can advise.

Be safe, follow your official government and health professional advice; and we will see you all on the other side. 

We are here for you and Scotland is waiting.